Horror sequels can be good? Fuck yes! The Conjuring 2 brings back our fave ghost hunter couple in a new case, the most documented hunting in the world: the Enfield Poltergeist.I was scared af watching this!


After taking a part in the Amityville case, Lorraine feels like it’s time so stop, because she fears their lives might be in danger. Ed insists on continue to save more people. In Enfield, England, a single mom and her four children are being terrorized by a poltergeist, who focuses on the 11 year old daughter Janet. After local investigators take on the case and wonder if Janet’s “possession” is real or not, they call the Warrens for help. But, is the Enfield poltergeist just an hoax? A demonic entity will make sure everyone knows the truth.

*listens to Ghost once*

I must say I’m impressed with this movie. I was expecting a typical horror sequel with more scares but a dumb story, I was wrong. This movie delivers a way creepier story, a great character development and a romantic story between Ed and Lorraine!

Yes I was scared. I’m shocked that I only jumped like 2 times. Usually I’m such a pussy watching horror movies I jump all the time with EVERY LOUD NOISE. Now I only jumped 2 times in two unexpected moments. There are a lot of scarejumps yes, but sometimes I knew they will be there so I didn’t jumped, but hell I was scared. The tension is real, the movie gives you major anxiety all the time, specially with the children’s scenes. Every time they encounter a ghost or a thing moving is soooo scary, there is no music and the camera moves slow. All the scares were effective.

Me watching the exorcism scenes

The acting was great as always, the girl who plays Janet was fantastic! She went through a LOT of shit in this movie, like she had no break from scary moment to scary moment. That young actress has a good future. All the kids were creepy and great actors really, also their mom. And duh Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are perfect as always. Their love story was so realistic and adorable at times (yes, even a person with no feeling like me thought it was a cute relationship).

There is a fucking ghost nun in this movie that will sure make you shit your pants. She was the scariest point of the story really. She was an ugly bitch, she just standing there looking at you is a stuff of nightmares. She reminded me of Bathsheba from the first movie.


But yeah, the soundtrack, the camera tricks, the acting and the horrifying scenes made this movie a perfect horror sequel. It’s so worth watching! And if you are wondering, there IS a cameo from one of the most iconic characters of the first movie.

I really liked this and I can’t wait to go and see it again.

The Conjuring 2 gets

5 out of 5 CREEPY NUNS!